Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Wolves

Bon Iver is one of my favorite artists, and I have probably listened to this song 100 times. I’ll admit I don’t have a clue what words Justin Vernon is singing most of the time, but I don’t feel that I have to because the music speaks for itself. A haunting song, “The Wolves (Act I and II)” is tranquil yet chaotic, beautiful and a little weird. When this song comes on, I’ll always stop what I’m doing just to enjoy the experience of listening to it. It gives me an escape from what I’m doing, wiping my mind momentarily of irrelevant thoughts and worries. Ultimately it grounds me solidly in the now (rather than the past or the future).

This song reminds me that it’s important to take time out of each day to step back and be grateful for the simpler things that I’m often too preoccupied to notice or take account of. For this, I pray to God that I can maintain the clarity and sense of peace I feel after listening to this song, and that I will never lose sight of this simple things in life and about it that are truly most important to me.

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