Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Look to You

“I Look to You” by Whitney Houston

Well I was just feeling a bit down recently because people have just been disappointing me a lot. Most of my friends from last year haven't stuck with me when we all used to be like a big family, and people in general just seem to build my hopes up only to let me down, making it difficult for me to get close to people. So I was kinda feeling alone.

And then after Whitney passed away, I started listening to more of her music, and when I heard this song and actually listened to what it was saying, it made me realize that I can't really depend on people or anything else on this earth. And I don't need to, because in the end, people will only let me down.

But you know who won't? Jesus. I've been bouncing between doubting and giving up my spirituality for who know how long. I wanted desperately to seek out that faith that others seemed to find so easily. But I just couldn't feel anything. But running out of people to turn to when I needed them made me realize that I needed HIM. Now I realize that God's undying love is the only thing I need and can really depend on. All I need to do is look to him and know that everything will turn out OK.

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