Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Middle

I actually got kinda excited for Lent this year … like I’m finally old enough to really delve in and do some thinking this season. I found my devotional early and thought over what I would do. It’s a sad time, with the nakedness of the church and all, but it’s kind of happy this year, the idea of getting closer to God. 

The time for everything to be just fine for me is two minutes and forty-five seconds. In this time, my heart sinks all the way to the floor and then rockets up to the ceiling. My thinking gets completely turned around and I get to be alright. This song taught me to forgive those who made me feel down, to know that how I feel is under my control. It taught me to keep a look out for other “little girls,” people who feel powerless, and tell them too. It doesn’t tell me how to live or what to do; it just says I’m best when I’m genuine, and it’s right.  
Learn more about this daily Lenten devotional, created by Episcopal Young Adults of Western Washington.

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