Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Uncle Pat

This song is important to me on many levels. As I have a lot of pride and interest in my Gaelic heritage, this song represents a beautiful reconciliation between some of the antiquated and irrelevant folk songs that I was subjected to as a young person and the music that was popular at the time. 

Throughout the song, the narrator describes a young person following an ancient path to visit and pay homage to the grave of an elderly member of his family (or clan). This song always pulled at my heartstrings, as I have a lot of veneration for the practical things that our ancestors had to deal with. If they wanted to visit someone, it wasn’t a matter of turning on Skype, Facebook, or even picking up the phone; it required an effort of a day (or days) of travel. The reunion meant something powerful because one had to work so hard to make it happen.  

It plays a special significance during Lenten times or any time where I put my problems in perspective of those who came before for me. I recall that I have it relatively easy and that all the energy and negative thoughts that happen during the course of the day are a waste of energy. In short, it reminds me of things that are more important: family, community, love, hospitality, and paying reverence to each other. 

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