Monday, March 12, 2012

Born at the Right Time

The entire album Rhythm of the Saints is a light for me. It always makes me dance, sing, and feel uplifted. I realize that much of the music that I used to love listening to in my teens and twenties is actually kind of depressing (although beautiful). An exception to that is Paul Simon, who has meaningful lyrics but whose music also has an upbeat sound that I can listen to all the time.

About this song in particular: it is the first song that we sang to our newborn, Eleanor. This song makes me think of her, which always makes me happy! Also, I love the idea of a village of people singing a song to a newborn baby to welcome him/her into the world, and this song seems to me to be a welcoming song. I hope that all people who listen to it may feel welcomed by those around them, and of course, by God, who welcomes all people into LOVE.

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