Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 6: Sábado

Annie, Catherine, myself, Adolfo, Virgínia, Sarah

Today the local region of the diocese of the Dominican Republic held a pre-convention gathering at the seminary. At the end of their meeting, lunch was served, and we were all invited to come over and meet the delegates. In particular I remember chatting with a wonderful 88-year-old woman named Virgínia. She was strong, spunky, and very patient with my Spanish—and she’s pictured here.

After lunch Annie and Sarah departed for their assigned field education parishes. They will spend the night in those places and return tomorrow—no doubt with many stories! Annie is feeling much better, by the way—ready to take on her own assignment tomorrow.
The great things about diagonal photos
is that it doesn't matter much that the
Blogger software refuses to turn it sideways.

Catherine, Kristin and I took a walk this afternoon. Although we’ve been advised not to swim in the Caribbean Sea right here in Santo Domingo, we did go wading on the beach for a few minutes. Then we hit the supermarket and the bakery a few blocks from our apartments—regular, familiar stops for us now. Over the weekend the seminarians are not fed at the seminary, so we are fending for ourselves. The three of us feasted on empanadas, pineapple, and cucumber, with red wine.

Tomorrow will be a big day: my first day with my parish assignment with is Cathedral of the Epiphany right here on the grounds. Catherine has also been invited to serve this Sunday, so it’ll be good to have a friend with me the first time. I will sit in the pew for the English service at 8:45, and I will acolyte and share in the Prayers of the People for the 10:45 service.

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