Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 15: La Playa!

A great beach, with both gentle waves and body-surfing waves

Today we all went to the beach: the four of us, the four Dominican seminaristas, Karen, Charlie, and Digna. We were at Playa Juan Dolio; you can look it up on Google Earth if you’re so inclined. But here are some photos anyway.

Digna, the seminary cook, prepared and brought tons of chicken and spaghetti, so we ate well.

Digna, Jose, Charlie, Juan Pastor
It was a fabulous day. It was also Jose’s birthday, so after we got back from the beach we ordered pizza and shared brownies and ice cream to celebrate. We were going to do a little merengue dancing, but some of us were completely exhausted and ready to call it a night. We’ll try again tomorrow.

Some of us got quite a bit of color—some of us can truly say we got sunburned. I hope it won’t be bad in the morning!

Luis y Vanel

VTS seminarians! Annie, Josh, Sarah, Kristin

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