Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 18: Bailamos!

Kristin is gaining strength each day from the bug that has really got her. She is markedly better today.

Sarah and I are down to our final Spanish lesson tomorrow. Our maestra Patrícia is trying to get through as much content as she can, but obviously it’ll be up to us to practice once we leave this place. I have been envious of the amount of Spanish my classmates have been able to speak. It has been a disadvantage for me not to have begun quite as far along, but it has still been a great experience and a great way to get over some of the early humps in the learning process. Now I’m struggling to sort through the various verb tenses and memorize my first few irregular verb conjugations.

Tonight Kristin and I made dinner: a chicken-veggie-ginger stir fry with rice. Sarah is working hard to translate into Spanish the sermon she will preach this Sunday. And we’re wrapping up loose ends in preparation to say goodbye on Monday.

Luis brought his laptop to dinner and put on music para bailar! Luis, Annie, Sarah, Juan Pastor, Tati and I traded partners around to the merengue and bachata. The dances are very simple but quite exhausting. We may dance more tomorrow night. Annie wants to teach them some country line dancing. That should be ... interesting!

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