Saturday, August 6, 2011

Internet service is back ...

... so no more having to go to campus or to Starbucks to post something. We're getting settled into our new place. We went for a major Target run yesterday and bought a small computer desk, a TV stand, and a TV! We had been using the 1982 TV Christy inherited from her grandmother. But it wasn't a "boat anchor" -- it still worked fine -- and I'm not accustomed to ditching things that still work. However, it was so huge and unwieldy it almost would have been more expensive to move it than to buy a new one. So we did: our first flatscreen.

At the time I bought my laptop for school, the Microsoft Store threw in a free Xbox 360! Now that we have a new TV, we can actually use it. It will be a challenge to monitor Sarah's time on it, of course ... or perhaps we have found more incentive for her to behave well.

Our living space is small, but we have quite a bit of storage, so things are working out well. Here are a few shots of the apartment in its current, still-cluttered-with-boxes state.
Christy and Sarah playing Xbox 360

Sarah's room is huge; no more storing toys in the family room!

Henry adjusting to his new life

The bathroom (not much to say about it)

Someday we'll start unpacking all the books in our bedroom.
The kitchen is small but totally functional; we are storing dishes all over the apartment, though!

It's a living room, office, and dining room all in one!


  1. Hey! I used to have that couch, only with a red slipcover. Then I left Seattle, and now my best friend has it in her apartment. :-) It's a good couch.

  2. Nice! Yes, Hester, we like it ... except that the little gray tubes that are supposed to hold the cover on keeping popping out, and then Sarah blows them like trumpets. Ah, well.