Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting Settled ...

Our newly installed internet service is down for the next day or so ... so I'm at Starbucks again this morning. The move-in went smoothly, and we spent all afternoon and evening unpacking.

Henry is adjusting to his new surroundings, too -- he stuck close to us last night! And we’re learning how to manage an air-conditioned apartment, which is a new phenomenon for all of us. (I woke up this morning shivering, coming out of a dream in which Christy and I were staying in a hotel room with a broken window.)

It’s been kind of rainy here, ironically … but that’s just fine, because warm rain feels good! Highs are topping out over 90 every day. It feels a little like El Salvador.

Today we get to tour Sarah’s new school, and tonight VTS is holding a welcome Eucharist and potluck dinner. So we’ll get to meet many more people!

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