Sunday, July 17, 2011

Money tree ...

Smith family reunion in 1994, just weeks after I arrived in Seattle
... and no, I'm not talking about those annoying people in caterpillar suits who invite you in for free money and then charge you the kind of interest rate that makes you a lifelong indentured servant.

No, this is much better than that! My mother's side of the family mostly live in the Seattle area, and they have been a strong source of support for me in my 17 years here. First I moved in with my Uncle Rich and his family when I arrived fresh out of college; I lived with them for over a year. Along the way, I became reacquainted with many aunts, uncles and cousins. Periodic family gatherings have been a constant amidst all the changes of my life.

Yesterday afternoon, my extended family sent me off with a party. It also happened to be the birthday of my mother and her twin brother. To top it off, more distant relatives from the Netherlands just happened to be in town, so it was a huge party -- 30 people or so. Sarah was reintroduced to her second cousin Julianna, and the two of them played non-stop.

And that brings us to the money tree, which appeared midway through the party! As if their love and consistent presence in our lives weren't enough, my family brought this out to help us on our way.

My cousin Misa gave me a book on listening for God's call in your life. My Uncle Hal (my mother's twin) handed off the ancient, precious, multi-volume Interpreter's Bible that my grandfather used. We also heard lots of offers to connect us with various people's friends and family in the D.C. area, should we need assistance with this or that. And my parents presented us with a GPS for our car!

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