Saturday, July 5, 2014

We Are Now Bellinghamsters

And yes, apparently, "Bellinghamsters" is the approved collective term for those of us who live here. Yesterday we took in a Bellingham Bells baseball game (we beat Cowlitz 5-1) in order to help solidify our status. Thanks, Foster family, for inviting us!

In our first couple days here we didn’t have ready access to wi-fi, so I only posted on Facebook. Now maybe I can catch up with some photos. We pulled in on Tuesday afternoon, walked through our new house with the landlady, and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of Kathy and Fred Mintz. We spent the night there while we waited to hear the status of our moving trailer. Although it had left Virginia three days late, U-Pack did a great job making up time and told us it would be here sometime Wednesday. All day Wednesday we waited around, and the trailer finally pulled up at 7:15 p.m. Many thanks to the folks who helped us unpack our beds so we could sleep in our new house that very night. The next day we dug into 
the trailer in earnest, and more St. Paul’s folks helped us finish it in only two hours! We even got to cancel the professional movers we had hired to help. And Sarah has already made a good friend.

We picked Henry up from Katie Watkins’ apartment that afternoon. He was a little miffed at everything that has happened to him, but as expected, he’s now beginning to settle in.

The Mintzes had us over again on the 4th for dinner and fireworks by the lake. Here are the deer we saw in their driveway.

Christy’s parents and sister came up from Bellevue today to hang out with us. At the Bellingham Farmers Market, Sarah got into a swordfight, but she bested her man, and we were able to move on to Fairhaven to hang out at Village Books.

It is so great to be home again—or, at least, close enough to home that this, too, will begin to feel like home before too long.

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