Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pittsbugh, PA ...

When I was in high school, I used to carry around a Pittsburgh Steelers duffel bag. The only reason was that it was black and gold, the same colors as my high school -- and my high school didn't have any swag of its own.

This is the most useless item of trivia you can imagine about me, but it is my only connection to Pittsburgh heretofore.

So here we are in Pittsburgh, our first night on the road. The move this morning took three hours longer than we'd hoped, but it wasn't a total surprise. We had crammed a lot of things into that little apartment, and it came to over 150 boxes, many of them containing textbooks. The two guys we hired to help move, Ali and Chris, were very good at what they did. But the heat and the long walk from our door to the parking lot made this rather an excruciating move for them, I'm afraid. We treated them to lunch.

At 3:00 we checked out of Braddock Lee and were on our way. We made pretty good time, pulling into Pittsburgh around 7:30. But the Pennsylvania Turnpike was marked by a harrowing series of heavy showers, lots of big trucks, and billboards proclaiming that anyone who doesn't support the coal industry is a radical from Hollywood (along the lines of Yoko Ono and Lady Gaga) who shouldn't be trusted. (Besides, it's not always windy, and the sun goes down, so how can wind or solar energy be the least bit reliable? Glad to see the coal industry is teaching such solid science in support of its cause ... erm ...)

We're too tired to sort through photos tonight, but I'll try to post some tomorrow. We're struck by the many heartfelt goodbyes we have received today via email and Facebook. We have so many wonderful friends who have shared this journey with us. We are praying for you on your journeys, too.

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