Monday, September 5, 2011

Between Terms

Our August term ended on Thursday, just before Labor Day weekend. On Friday eight other new students and I participated in a training to become hospice volunteers for a place called Capital Caring. But first came our August term finals in Greek and Hebrew (I'm studying Hebrew after having taken some Greek at Seattle University). In addition, the international students, working to overcome a language barrier as they have come to study with us, were preparing a final paper for their August term.

To help relieve the stress of getting ready for these finals, our three groups got together one morning last week to serenade each other in the rotunda of the academic building. Pictured are the Greek students singing to us; you can hear their song here.

We Hebrew students listened from below. We also had our turn, and we sang two songs: "Shalom Chaverim" and "Kol HaN'shamah." I think we should call our singing group Hag'Goyim [The Gentiles]!
The international students also sang us a song.

The fall semester begins tomorrow morning ... and so does Sarah's first day of first grade! Here are the texts I'm studying up on tonight. Not everyone out there might want to tackle Hebrew, but I do highly recommend Diarmaid McCullouch's Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years. Its scope looks daunting, but it's a very enjoyable read.

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