Saturday, May 28, 2011

A blog from the couch ...

I'm writing my very first blog from the couch! My new laptop will be a great asset in seminary. I must admit that I've long envied people who could send updates to the world from just about anywhere.

So! With that in mind, it's flashback time. What was going on in music on Memorial Day weekend 30 years ago? These were the top 10 hits from May 30, 1981 ...

#10 WATCHING THE WHEELS by John Lennon
#8 A WOMAN NEEDS LOVE (JUST LIKE YOU DO) by Ray Parker, Jr. & Raydio
#7 JUST THE TWO OF US by Grover Washington, Jr. & Bill Withers
#6 LIVING INSIDE MYSELF by Gino Vannelli
#5 TAKE IT ON THE RUN by REO Speedwagon
#4 SUKIYAKI by A Taste of Honey
#3 STARS ON 45 by Stars on 45
#2 BEING WITH YOU by Smokey Robinson

#1 BETTE DAVIS EYES by Kim Carnes

Observations? Well, first of all, 1981 was not a great year for top-of-the-charts pop music. Adult contemporary reigned supreme; the more interesting sounds of hip hop and new wave had not won mainstream success as yet.

What else was happening in music at this time?
  • Bob Marley's funeral on May 21
  • Grandmaster Flash was opening for The Clash on tour
  • R.E.M. was recording its first album
 Growing up in Southern Idaho, I certainly wasn't aware of any of these events. I do, however, remember hearing most of the top 10 on the radio ...

Do you have musical memories of 1981?

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