Sunday, April 24, 2011

lowercase easter

for some, easter is all about bombastic music and joyful "alleluias"

but for some reason, this morning, i want no music, no loud proclamations ... just silence and awe and reverence

when Jesus came into the world, what did he do, really?
He taught us wisdom, but did he give us all the answers?
if he had, couldn't we just slap on a bumper sticker that says "Jesus is the answer" and be done with it?
some people do that, and I guess it's true
but it sounds like nonsense to me, because it leaves no room for mystery

when Jesus was among us, he healed people, but did he end all the suffering?


He drank the cup of suffering to the dregs with all the rest of us

He was brutally murdered

everyone, including his own mother, watched him die a slow, agonizing death

then, somehow

in a baffling mystery

Jesus' suffering and dying was transformed

into the sneakiest of resurrections

it went unnoticed but by a few

like a tiny flame that his friends tried to protect from the wind

until they could light some kindling

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