Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This one's all pop ... name that tune.

Here are this week's top 10 pop hits in disguise. Name that title and/or artist. Let's see who can get the most, either here or on Facebook!

10) I wanna 3X, Girl 2X, See you 3X, Tonight 3X, is the night, positive affirmation 13X

9) (mumble mumble mumble) … SUPER COOL ACCORDION LICK! … (mumble mumble mumble)

8) Look out! A bumblebee! (I can tell from the colors.)

7) I’m! Havin’! A good time! But I think! I heard this song! In 2009! And it was called! I got a feeling! But it didn’t have! Bill Medley! And Jennifer Warnes! In a sample! From an ’80s movie! As the only! Redeeming thing about it!

6) Remember me? Yeah, I’m the super sexy Latino lover who wooed you back in 1999 with “Bailamos.” Yeah, you know what? Forget the wooing. You're getting into my bed right now, whether you like it or not. But it’s not sexual assault, because I’m a super sexy Latino lover, and on the radio, all women WANT to fall right into bed with me.

5) Everybody hates me, and that’s why everybody loves me! I do everything wrong, and you love it! Let’s drink a toast!

4) I’ve got Jesus on my neck-u-luss, so watch out. ’Cause my God can beat up your God.

3) Oh na na ... I can’t remember what I’m called. But I know it rhymes with “oh na na.”

2) Won’t you please retrieve this ordnance for me? Why not? All the cool kids are doing it. And if you don't hold onto this deadly weapon, that means you don't really love me.

1) I don’t really need to sing this song, because Christina Aguilera already sang “Beautiful.” But I’m going to take the same idea, give it a dance beat and update it by a decade. Oh, and pretend it’s summertime. Because all my songs seem to be set in the summertime.

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